This is Clever Pun.
A neat little place.

Welcome to CleverNet, the Clever Pun IRC network. What is CleverNet, you ask? It's an IRC network built and maintained by Turu and Temia as an answer to finding nothing but unreliable, unstable networks when we wanted to move away from the one our channel was on. We promise to provide nothing but the best functionality available to avoid being like all the others. Come join today, and bring your friends to help expand upon this community!

We're located at...

Port: 6667

If you ever need any help, join #Helpdesk and we'll be there to aid you!

Server List

Here are a list of our servers, both current and tentative. Please understand that we're still a growing network, so we're still working on getting everything up and ready.


Ports: 6667-7000
Location: San Francisco, California
Hosted By: DigitalOcean
Administrator: Turu


Ports: 6661-7000
Location: Dearborn, Michigan
Hosted By: 7Storm
Administrator: Turu

Want to create a server for CleverNet? Just contact us!

Rules and Terms of Service

  • This is a network by and for the users, and your suggestions matter. Please talk to an op on #Helpdesk if you have any suggestions; don't be afraid to bring them up!
  • Don't be lame. This includes threatening or abusing people, offensive nicknames, flooding, spamming asking to be an oper and other things too. These activities Will get you banned from the network, and/or any involved channels dropped, closed or forbidden at the opers' discretion. Bitching about such bans won't improve the situation, and only succeeds in annoying us more.
  • The decision of IRCops is final. We reserve the right to disconnect you at any time without reason or warning - remember, IRC is a privilege, not a right!
  • For any problems, go to #helpdesk and ask an op.
  • Be nice to the people around you and have fun!
  • The CleverNet administrative staff can in no way guarantee the stability or reliability of the servers on this network. If a server does not work, please use a different one.
  • This network and its owners/staff are in no way responsible for the actions of users on this network, in any way shape or form.
  • By connecting to this network you agree to all terms within these rules, regardless of whether you have read this text, and agree to any sanctions taken against you for violating them. If you do not agree to or understand these terms, do not connect to the server.
  • The CleverNet administrative staff may change these policies at any time, at their discretion. You are expected to regularly read these rules and keep yourself informed about them.


The network administrators can be accessed through #Helpdesk on CleverNet or by other means of contact. They are as follows:
  • Turu (No e-mail)
  • Temia (E-mail)